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    Learning & Development

    Since its founding more than 75 years ago, The Estée Lauder Companies has prided itself on being a learning organization, sharing insights across the world — from our counters at retail to our executive offices and beyond. This commitment to education and to building the next generation of leaders is deeply rooted in the company's values and culture.

    “We want employees to feel like they have permission to push the envelope and think differently," says William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, ELC. "We have to be curious, watching, listening, and asking what new approaches and ways of thinking will allow us to evolve as a company."

    From our newest employees to our most seasoned executives, ELC focuses on creating a workplace that encourages continuous learning and development. This is critical to our abilities to create trends, anticipate changes, and swiftly adapt to the shifting needs and demands of our global business. This strong focus on learning helps ensure that we build the next generation of leaders for our company.

    My vision is to give a voice of influence and impact to younger generations early in their careers and be the best company for rising talent.

    Fabrizio Freda

    President & CEO, The Estée Lauder Companies

    The CEO Global Reverse Mentor Program

    The CEO Global Reverse Mentor Program was founded by Fabrizio Freda, President & CEO, The Estée Lauder Companies, in 2015. The program is a cross-functional global sharing network of young talent who are empowered, engaged, and making an impact on the business. It allows rising talent at the company to share valuable insights and perspectives, as well as connect trends to leaders’ priority topics. The program serves a critical role in supporting career development. Globally, the company has 650+ Reverse Mentor Participants, 300+ Senior Leadership Participants and 40+ Programs.

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    Strategic Advisory Boards

    ELC's Strategic Advisory Boards bring together high-performing Millennial and Gen-Z talent across the company to enable innovative business solutions. Strategic Advisory Board members will partake in business projects, serve as fast-action focus groups, and provide valuable insights on a variety of targeted topics for the company's diversified portfolio of brands.

    External Partnerships

    As part of ELC’s commitment to rising talent, The CEO Global Reverse Mentor Program is establishing external partnerships across industries and educational institutions that provide insight into consumer preferences and key industry leaders from a vitally important consumer group. These partnerships emphasize ELC’s commitment to supporting those early in their career both internally and externally.

    The Estée Lauder Companies and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

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    William P. Lauder’s Business Symposium at Wharton

    Held annually on The Wharton School’s campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this week-long Business Symposium for high-potential, future senior leaders focuses on "Effective Decision Making in a Fast-Changing World". Presenters include faculty, our senior leaders, and industry speakers who present practical insights both inside the classroom and team-based experiential learning.

    ELC x Wharton: Knowledge for Action Virtual Series

    Knowledge for Action Virtual Series, developed during the global pandemic, is available to all full-time employees at the organization. Executive Chairman William P. Lauder created and leads a virtual learning series that brings the best of Wharton's faculty and the University of Pennsylvania to our organization. The sessions explore topics such as global market trends, strategic decision making, brand purpose, and leading with emotional intelligence, and are designed to stretch our employees’ thinking, shift their perspectives, and provide actionable knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

    ELC at Bryn Mawr

    learning and development

    The Estée Lauder Companies at Bryn Mawr is attended annually by more than 150 global executives. Participants in this world-class program are challenged to grow professionally and personally with a focus on brand equity, innovation, negotiation, strategic thinking, and decision making. Held at the Bryn Mawr College campus in Pennsylvania, the event brings together instructors and presenters from top educational institutions. The program was created by Leonard A. Lauder, Chairman Emeritus, ELC and has been offered every summer for more than 25 years.

    Learning Opportunities

    LinkedIn Learning

    Building on The Estée Lauder Companies' (ELC) legacy as a world-class learning organization, ELC was the first-ever beauty company to partner with LinkedIn Learning—one of the leading online learning platforms dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their personal and professional development goals. The platform reinforces the company’s deeply-rooted commitment to education and continuous learning.*

    ELC Learning Hub

    Additionally, the company launched an internal platform for enterprise learning: the ELC Learning Hub. This modern learning platform serves as the digital destination for all corporate-wide learning and training at ELC – featuring a variety of open sourced and blended learning opportunities, as well as self-directed and tailored experiences to gain new skills that advance professional development, including curated LinkedIn Learning paths, interactive guides to the company’s Beauty Inspired Values Driven commitments, and the Open Doors Collection leadership program. This personalized interactive, online learning tool is available to our global workforce, including office, retail, and manufacturing employees, and is currently available in over 20 languages.

    *LinkedIn Learning is available to all ELC paid employees, excluding those under the sub-function of Point-of-Sale non-management

    Student Loan Contribution Program

    Throughout its history, The Estée Lauder Companies has demonstrated a continued commitment to investing in its employees’ personal and professional success by offering a variety of benefits, support options, and learning opportunities. In the United States*, the company offers the Student Loan Contribution Program, contributing up to $100 per month towards an employee’s loan with a lifetime maximum of $10,000, and the Learning & Education Assistance Program, which offers reimbursement for tuition and materials related to pre-approved academic courses.

    *Eligibility for U.S. programs vary based on program rules, which consider tenure and position/title. You will be informed of the programs available to you if you are extended a job offer.

    Internal Talent Marketplace

    ELC is committed to investing in the ongoing growth and career development of our talent. To ensure all employees have equitable and inclusive access to opportunities across ELC —and to increase clarity and transparency in how they can achieve their career goals— we recently launched ELC Grow, our first internal talent marketplace. ELC Grow allows employees to explore personalized full-time roles, projects and networking opportunities aligned to their skills and aspirations that can empower them to grow their careers with the Company. Through ELC Grow, we encourage employees to explore the variety of unique opportunities ELC has to offer.*

    * ELC Grow recently launched in the United States to Corporate employees.

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