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Key Moments

Key Moments

Since the company’s founding in the 1940s, we have been influencing the world of prestige beauty. We invite you to explore key moments in our illustrious story.


The 40s&50s

The Beginning

Estée and Joseph Lauder found Estée Lauder Cosmetics. The couple divides responsibilities, playing to their strengths: Estée leads creativity, product development, and sales, while Joseph manages finance and operations.


Introducing four
original products

Estée develops her own beauty line starting with four products including an all-purpose skin cream which she sells in Manhattan beauty salons, giving free demonstrations and makeovers.


First department store order

Determined to have her products available in only the most elegant stores, Estée convinces the cosmetics buyer from Saks Fifth Avenue to place an order – equivalent to $10,000 today.

The prestigious Stork Club is a favorite spot where Estée graciously hosts business associates and colleagues.


Estée’s personal touch

Estée loves working directly with a customer – answering her questions and watching her face light up at the difference a new color or product can make in her appearance – and her attitude.

Gift With Purchase

Estée champions the irresistible concept of the now-famous “Gift with Purchase” promotion.

Come in to meet

She wisely offers customers a free sample with every purchase and is often at the counter to personally hand them out.

Savvy sampling

Long before subscription boxes are a trend, Estée offers a “personally selected” product in her “Beauty by the Month” Club. This brilliant marketing tactic brings customers back to the stores.


Decades before social media becomes mainstream, Estée knows the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

“Telephone, Telegraph, Tell A Woman.”


Youth-Dew Sensation

The Company’s first important product is Estoderme Youth-Dew Cream, with an egg in every jar. It steals the heart of the Harper’s Bazaar's editor-in-chief which seals its success.

More ways to
look youthful

Estée expands the Estoderme line to include Youth-Dew creams, lotions and powders – precursors to the now legendary Youth-Dew bath oil.

Daring ad for a
sweet scent

Determined to empower women to purchase their own perfumes instead of only receiving them as gifts, Estée introduces Youth-Dew as a bath oil that doubles as perfume.

An enduring product

Youth-Dew becomes a sensation and the fledgling start-up cosmetics company begins its transformation to a multi-million dollar business, which now includes fragrance.


Re-Nutriv initiates luxury skincare category

Re-Nutriv combines 25 of the world’s most precious ingredients with science’s most extraordinary advances of the time.

An artist’s interpretation

A Harper's Bazaar promotion about Re-Nutriv is illustrated for the magazine by a young Andy Warhol, soon-to-be a 60s pop culture artist.

"A goldmine of beauty"

Estée believes her customers want to indulge themselves in the very best…at any price. Re-Nutriv advertising proudly lists the unprecedented price of $115 a jar!


Leonard A. Lauder
joins Company

After growing up in the family business, Leonard Lauder graduates from Wharton and the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School. Following service at sea as a naval officer – he officially joins the Company.

New home for the family business

With a small staff, the Company moves into larger, more elegant offices at 666 Fifth Avenue. Joseph Lauder is on the left with son Leonard standing to his right.


Happy couple

Leonard Lauder marries a beautiful young teacher named Evelyn Hausner who enthusiastically joins the family business. Estée considers her “an extraordinary asset in uncountable ways.”

The 60s

Exceptional Growth

The 1960s mark a crucial period of growth with the construction of three manufacturing facilities, overseas expansion and the launch of two major brands: Aramis – the first men’s prestige fragrance brand and Clinique – which revolutionizes the industry and becomes one of the most successful brands in cosmetics history.


First overseas account

After long and persistent efforts, Estée Lauder lands the Company’s first overseas account in Harrods – the finest store in London. The UK will become a core market.

International expansion

International expansion

At a time when many say the post-war economies aren’t strong enough to support prestige cosmetics, the Lauders see opportunity. Leonard believes that with economic improvement, there will be a hunger for small luxuries.

This proves to be true as the Company begins building its global footprint in the 1960s. Initial countries and territories:

  • Americas
    • Canada
    • Central America
    • Puerto Rico
  • Europe
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • England
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • The Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
  • Asia
    • Australia
    • Hong Kong (China)
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Thailand

“In many ways women share a common language. No matter what our culture, no matter what our background, we understand each other.”

Estée Lauder


Estée’s first
makeup collection

A limited edition makeup collection debuts, providing a complete package of products designed for evening wear. Years later, the original pattern on the collection’s exterior packaging inspires the advertising for the Estée Lauder Mad Men® collection.


Aramis transforms men’s fragrance

Aramis launches as the first prestige men’s fragrance and treatment brand of men’s grooming products, named after an exotic Turkish root originally used as an aphrodisiac.

A master plan

Marketing aims at educating men [and the women who love them] emphasizing that it’s acceptable for them to smell nice and have soft skin.

“Real Men Use Scent”

The recognizable and refined scent and tortoiseshell packaging will remain timeless, crossing beyond age groups and fads for years to come.


Ronald S. Lauder
joins Company

After graduating from the Wharton School of Business, Ronald follows his brother into the family business, spending time overseas in Belgium and Paris. His mastery of several languages is of tremendous value to the Company.


Scaling up manufacturing

The Company plans its first manufacturing facility in Melville, New York, designed by architect Richard Dattner who will work with the Lauder family on several future projects. This will be the first of three manufacturing sites built to meet increased demand.

Welcome to Melville

The facility is recognized for its modern architectural design. The Lauders will spend time at the plant: Joseph overseeing operations, Estée involved with product formulation, Leonard encouraging and supporting R&D.

Construction begins in Oevel

In 1965, the Company also breaks ground on its first factory overseas, in Oevel, Belgium, allowing international expansion to flourish. Ronald will spend his early years at the Company working in this facility.

Whitman plant is built

The second overseas facility, Whitman Labs, is built in Hampshire, England, in 1966.


Caring for
the community

The Lauder family’s first philanthropic venture is to create new, improved play areas for children in New York City’s Central Park.


Alligator compact

The elegant 24-kt. gold-plated Golden Alligator refillable compact is introduced as the ultimate beauty accessory for loose or pressed powder. This one is still sold today.

Compacts become branded collectibles and new designs are introduced every year. There are more than 1700 compacts in The Estée Lauder Companies archives today.


Clinique revolutionizes the beauty industry

The launch of Clinique marks another industry first - a dermatologist-created allergy-tested, 100% fragrance-free collection of cosmetics products.

View Clinique video

Clinique is born

A brief video history of the creation of Clinique including clips from Ronald Lauder and Dr. Norman Orentreich.

“Great skin can be created”

Former Vogue beauty editor Carol Phillips is hired to lead this large-scale launch of 117 products.

The Company partners with Dr. Norman Orentreich, a high-profile New York dermatologist.

Who’s behind
the name?

As for the name, Evelyn Lauder finds inspiration from “Clinique Aesthetique” signs in Paris and the brand is born. Later she helps with Clinique education, training saleswomen on product usage and high-touch service.

A family affair

Leonard Lauder is the catalyst behind Clinique. He sees the need for Allergy-Tested, Fragrance Free cosmetics and believes that a breakthrough concept to compete with Estée Lauder should be created internally.

Ronald Lauder works hard to help establish Clinique and he eventually became General Manager in 1985, refining the business and leading it to profitability. He becomes Chairman of Clinique Laboratories in 1995.

Technology meets

The now world-famous 3-Step Skin Care System – a twice daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine – marks the first use of technology to match cosmetics to different skin types.

Iconic advertising

Clinique will remain one of the Company’s most innovative and successful brands. The clean simplicity of its use and benefits is depicted in Irving Penn’s famous “Twice a day” ad in 1974.


Move to GM Building

The Company moves to even more prestigious headquarters as one of the earliest tenants of the new GM Building at 767 Fifth Avenue, overlooking Central Park in New York City.

It is still global headquarters to the Company today, where Estée’s original office has been preserved.

The 60s

Social Scene

While building their beauty empire, Estée and Joseph Lauder socialize at lavish parties, dinners and charity events with leading influentials of their day including Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Princess Grace of Monaco.

The 70s

Beauty as a lifestyle

The Company’s advertising and packaging boldly reflect the overall lifestyle of the 1970s – the standards of beauty, trends in fashion, photography and interior design, and the changing role of women.


The Estée Lauder woman

Karen Graham is hired to reflect the ideal Estée Lauder woman: elegant, successful, sensual, and smart. The model will represent the brand for the next 15 years in luxury advertising campaigns.

The Estee Lauder Woman


Estée has a wonderful “nose” for scent. She creates a signature Estée fragrance (1968) and debuts several new scents within the span of a few years — believing women should have a rich and varied perfume wardrobe.

Inspired by the coast of France

A scent for the
active woman

Aliage is launched as the first sport fragrance, giving the active woman a scent to wear with jeans or a tennis dress. Advertising celebrates the new femininity of the time.

Her own special scent

Estée mixes a special scent for herself and women start asking for it in stores, thus Private Collection is born. Princess Grace of Monaco is an early fan.

Fresh, crisp and clean

"The more complex and pressured a women's life becomes, the more she prizes simplicity and ease. White Linen is that calming element that can lift spirits and make a woman feel cool and calm."

—Estée Lauder

Exotic influence

Fascinated by the mystery and opulence of the Orient, Estée introduces Cinnabar an exotic scent that blends jasmine, orange flower, clove and patchouli into an intense, sensual fragrance.

The 70s

Holiday Collections

Vivid patterns are carried throughout packaging and displays of Estée Lauder Holiday Collections. Patterns are inspired by interior design elements like fine fabrics and floor tiles, as well as nature.

Holiday Collection
TV commercial

Holiday Collection TV commercial

The Estée Lauder brand created themed Holiday Collections with new patterns every year, advertised through special Gift with Purchase offers.


The next generation

Leonard Lauder displays strong leadership skills and assumes the role of President. The growing Lauder family vacations together in Palm Beach (l-r): Joe, William, Ronald, Aerin, Jo Carole, Gary, Evelyn, Leonard and Estée.


It’s all about the color

A series of ads are created to launch new seasonal color palettes of Estée Lauder products for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. Each shade evokes a story.


The Aramis Man

In an era when many men express reluctance towards fragrance and grooming products, advertising for the peppery and potent Aramis portrays strength, smarts and masculine success.

View Aramis clip with Leonard Lauder

A Video Tribute to the Aramis Man

Leonard A. Lauder speaks about the Aramis Man in a video celebrating the brand’s 40th Anniversary.

Aspirational Lifestyle

Created for discerning men around the world, advertising conveys an aspirational lifestyle that appeals to both sexes, as it is mostly women who purchase mens’ cologne.

Classic sophistication

Product positioning promotes a classic masculine sophistication. The name “Estée Lauder” is removed from the back of Aramis brand packaging.


A citizen of the world

Estée is recognized for building a successful influential company from humble beginnings. Receiving the French Legion of Honor is a definite high point in her life.

A Citizen of the World


The revolution of science

Prescriptives distinguishes itself with scientific precision and custom blending for individualized skincare and makeup products. Ronald Lauder is instrumental in launching this revolutionary brand with its concept of customization.

The 80s

Celebrating Success

New product launches and store openings become major news events. Estée publishes her autobiography and is recognized for her great influence on the beauty business.


A driving force

Leonard A. Lauder assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Company 10 years after being named President. Estée says, “Leonard sets the Estée Lauder pace.”

Leonard Lauder


overnight skin repair

Estée learns that night time is the best time to repair skin. She creates Night Repair, a serum that speeds up the natural repair of damaged cells overnight to reduce the signs of aging.

Advanced Night Repair improves on the original formula.


Joseph H. Lauder passes away

Estée’s beloved husband and partner Joseph passes away. For years he controlled financial matters, manufacturing operations and the Lauder Foundation.

Sons Leonard and Ronald establish the Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management & International Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.


In her own words

Estée relates her life and start of the Company in “Estée: A Success Story,” dedicated “To Joe, my love, my life, my perfect balance.”

Estee Success Story


Beautiful launch

Beautiful, a major new scent, is “married” in marketing to the glowing beauty of brides through special events and in-store promotions.

As beautiful as a bride

Beautiful is Estée's vision, carried out by Evelyn Lauder, seen here with Leonard and Estée at a “wedding” launch event. Beautiful becomes a bestselling prestige fragrance and remains so today.

Warhol favorites

Iconic artist Andy Warhol, seen here with Estée, is a huge fan of hers and of Beautiful. Years later he would be buried with a bottle of the intoxicating fragrance.


William P. Lauder joins
the Company

William, Leonard and Evelyn’s son – Estée and Joe’s grandson – becomes a regional Marketing Director for Clinique U.S.A. in New York. He will continue his family’s strong leadership into the future.

William P Lauder Joins the Company


Advanced skincare
for men

A team of scientists, researchers and skincare specialists create Aramis’ Lab Series Skincare for Men, using modern technology, advanced ingredients and the latest research on men’s physiological and lifestyle needs.


International affairs
of beauty

As relations improve between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, Estée welcomes Russian First Lady Raisa Gorbachev to New York and expresses her dream of opening a shop in Moscow.

For the women of Moscow

One year later, the first Estée Lauder perfumery opens on Gorky Street two blocks from Red Square, and is the country’s first shop selling a wide range of Western cosmetics.

Official announcement

A newsworthy event

The Company’s public relations department issues a press release announcing the opening of the perfumery in Moscow.

Inside Estée’s Perfumery

The inside of the Moscow perfumery was restored from a pre-war building, with dramatic 18-foot ceilings and marble columns. The atmosphere exuded elegance.


Honoring her heritage

Estée pays tribute to her mother’s Hungarian heritage by opening the Company’s first-ever freestanding store in Budapest. Estée’s appearance at the historic ribbon-cutting ceremony is captured on video.

Honoring her Heritage



People Who Made
a Difference

Estée is added to the Wall Street Journal’s list of business influencers of the century – among giants like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, and Disney – a few years after the Company surpasses $1 billion in annual sales.

The Wall Street Journal

The 90s

Building Our Portfolio

Brand acquisitions and licensing agreements contribute to explosive growth as the Company transforms from a family-owned business to a publicly-traded, family-controlled organization. Estée’s granddaughters join the Company.


“Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.”

William Lauder leads the creation of Origins — the first wellness brand in U.S. department stores. The high performance, natural/organic skin care brand combines the power of nature and modern science.

First U.S. freestanding store

With Origins, the Company pushes the boundaries of its brands’ distribution with a freestanding store in Cambridge, Massachusetts — the first in the U.S.

Beyond the counter

Continuing the brand’s expansion at retail, in 1993 William Lauder champions the innovative store-within-a-store concept for Origins, creating a more branded shopping experience for the consumer.


Aerin Lauder joins
the Company

Aerin Lauder, daughter of Ronald and Jo Carole, granddaughter of Estée and Joseph, joins as a member of the Prescriptives marketing team, ultimately becoming Style and Image Director for the Estée Lauder brand.

Aerin Lauder


Breast Cancer Awareness

A breast cancer survivor herself, Evelyn Lauder and SELF Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Penney create the now-ubiquitous Pink Ribbon.

Evelyn launches the Company’s Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign and establishes the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993.


Launching in China

The Estée Lauder and Clinique brands launch in the Isetan department stores in Shanghai. Chinese women’s beauty routines include on average seven products in the morning and another seven at night.


Fragrance licensing begins

The Company’s bold new fragrance licensing division signs its first agreement with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger for global distribution.

Donna Karan New York and DKNY fragrances and luxury body products reflect the quality, style and innovation associated with Donna Karan.


Big investment in bold brand

The Company buys a majority interest in Toronto-based M·A·C Cosmetics, the brand “for all ages, all races and all sexes,” and completes the acquisition in 1998.

New model for
cause giving

The M·A·C AIDS Fund is created and VIVA GLAM Lipsticks launch with drag queen RuPaul as spokesperson. An unprecedented 100% of the purchase price benefits people affected by HIV/AIDS.


The Estée Lauder Companies goes public

The Lauder family celebrates going public on the New York Stock Exchange on November 17, at $26.00 a share ($6.50 post-splits). By day’s end the stock sees a 33% increase.


Brand acquisitions begin

Bobbi Brown

The Company acquires Bobbi Brown Cosmetics -- designed by the celebrated makeup artist known for creating makeup that enhances natural beauty.

Bobbi Brown

From a cult following in New York City, the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics brand eventually becomes a global powerhouse, sold in more than 60 countries.

Miraculous healing powers of the sea

La Mer

La Mer is acquired along with the original recipe for its supreme luxury product, Crème de la Mer, containing Miracle Broth™ made with nutrient-rich sea kelp.

Dr. Max Huber

Inspired by the healing powers of the sea, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber invented the Miracle Broth™ for his own use after a lab accident covered his face with chemical burns.

First hair care and holistic beauty brand

Horst Rechelbacher

Horst Rechelbacher, a pioneer of holistic beauty and environmental responsibility, created Aveda, a line of luxury botanical products acquired in 1997.


From the Sanskrit “Ayurveda,” meaning “science of life,” products are made from essences of herbs, oils and plants, and sold at hair salons and spas.

British style and sophistication

Jo Malone

The renowned fragrance house Jo Malone London is acquired in 1999, with products that celebrate the British style and sophistication with a dash of wit and whimsy.

Jo Malone Store

The brand that connects with the elegant art of gift giving inspires a loyal following with its scented lifestyle products for the body and the home.


Online pioneers

Under William Lauder’s leadership and ahead of the curve, the Company launches its first e-commerce sites for Clinique and Bobbi Brown. The ELC Online division for all brands is created in 1999.



Jane Lauder joins the Company

Jane Lauder, daughter of Ronald and Jo Carole, joins Clinique. As of 2020, Jane is Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies.

The 2000s

Leadership Transition

Leadership of the business transitions to William Lauder, and is then shared with Fabrizio Freda — brought in to fortify operations and provide strategic direction as the public company evolves.


Expanding the portfolio

The Company buys a majority interest in Bumble & bumble, the fashion-forward salon with its hair styling university and line of products developed with hairdressers. Acquisition is completed in 2006.

Jet set
lifestyle products

An exclusive global licensing agreement is signed with the celebrated American fashion designer Michael Kors in 2003 for fragrances reflecting the jet set lifestyle.

The art of

The Paris-based Laboratories Darphin is acquired with its line of prestige skin care products, makeup and personal care products created from the finest plant extracts and botanical aromas.


Estée Lauder passes away

Estée Lauder believed that every woman can be beautiful. By the time she passes away at the age of 95, this simple notion has changed the face of the beauty business.

Estée’s legacy includes products and brands she invented, and a culture of quality, style and unsurpassed customer service that has made the Estée Lauder Companies the global cosmetics leader it is today.

Read more about our founder in The Estée Story


Third generation of family leadership

William Lauder becomes CEO, championing areas like digital commerce, citizenship and continuous learning. Years later he designs and teaches a course for MBA students on decision-making in leadership.


Designer beauty

Designer Tom Ford updates an Estée Lauder classic with Youth-Dew Amber Nude and the Company signs with him to develop and distribute fragrances and cosmetics under the Tom Ford Beauty brand.


A strategic hire

Fabrizio Freda is hired as President and Chief Operating Officer. The strategically-focused, financially-disciplined leader brings a wealth of experience in the consumer products arena. He will be named CEO in 2009.

William P. Lauder and Fabrizio Freda


Publicly traded and
family controlled

William Lauder becomes Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board; Aerin Lauder joined the Board of Directors in 2004, and Jane Lauder in 2009, keeping the family at the heart of the Company.

Jane, William, Aerin Lauder

The 2010s

The global house of prestige beauty

The Estée Lauder Companies is the only company focused solely on prestige makeup, skin care, fragrance and hair care with a diverse portfolio of 25+ exceptional brands.



The Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign earns a Guinness World Record for “Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours” including the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower.

Educating millions

Evelyn Lauder conceives of the global illuminations effort to reach millions of people around the world. She is joined at many events by actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, a BCA spokesperson since 1995.


The Company
goes Hollywood

The Company acquires Hollywood-based Smashbox, founded by the great grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor, and born out of a photo studio where photographers, celebrities and makeup artists converge.

Smashbox Primer



Clinique continues to innovate with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector — a breakthrough product that rivals a prescription for treating uneven skin tone. It quickly becomes the brand’s bestselling product.

Clinique Dark Spot Corrector


Evelyn Lauder leaves a legacy

A visionary and true leader, Evelyn Lauder passes away from complications of non-genetic ovarian cancer. She was perhaps best known to the public for her work in bringing global awareness to women’s health.


fragrance licenses

Selective and strategic licensing agreements with luxury brands bring in fashion designers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, world-renowned for its contemporary sophistication, Italian elegance and quality.

Zegna ad


A revenue milestone

Joining a rarefied list of major businesses, the Company’s dedication to prestige beauty results in another record year, exceeding $10 billion in net sales for the first time.


Effortless Beauty

Aerin Lauder introduces AERIN Beauty, a luxury lifestyle beauty and fragrance brand based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless. The brand develops luxurious makeup, fragrance and body products.

Aerin ad


Bold brands from creative entrepreneurs

Rodin product

Acquisitions focus on distinct brands like RODIN olio lusso, a highly selective line of premium, sensorial products that appeal to discerning consumers.

Linda Rodin

Founded by renowned stylist Linda Rodin, the brand reflects the easygoing and elegant Italian beauty that inspired her own style.

Custom-made luxury fragrance

Le Labo packaging

Le Labo, a perfume house known for its carefully crafted perfumes and home scents, is acquired with a loyal following based on its high-quality products and unique retail experiences.

Le Labo Founders

Founded by Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi, Le Labo combines some of the world's most talented perfumers with only the highest quality raw ingredients harvested from places like Grasse, France.

Instant Results

GLAMGLOW founders

Founded by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, GLAMGLOW is a Hollywood-inspired prestige skin care brand designed to get great-looking skin with fast-acting treatment masks.


GLAMGLOW’s legendary first product – YOUTHMUD – puts the brand on the map and the glamourous product line is now available in leading retailers around the world.

Celebrating the perfumers

Frederic Malle

Descended from legendary perfumers, yet challenging prevailing trends, Frédéric Malle curates a line of exclusive, ultra-luxury fragrances crafted by some of the world’s greatest noses and sold under each creator’s name.

Frederic Malle product

Each fragrance in Malle’s eponymous collection, including popular scents such as Portrait of a Lady, reflects Malle’s streamlined approach and uncompromising dedication to celebrating perfumers and “pure perfumery.”


The face of the
modern workspace

The Company bolsters its base in London by gathering employees and education facilities under one roof at One Fitzroy — a unique workplace designed to draw in the best young new talent.

Welcome to
One Fitzroy

Step inside

The new UK regional headquarters for The Estée Lauder Companies sets the benchmark for style and synergy with innovative workspaces in what is called the United Kingdom’s “most glamorous office.”


A New Class of Game Changers


By Kilian, the Paris-based prestige brand is acquired in 2016 with a “wardrobe” of fragrances, candles, scented jewelry and eco-luxury, refillable perfume bottles that embody timeless sophistication and modern luxury.

Kilian Hennessy

Create by Kilian Hennessy – who brings a heritage of sophistication to his brand – By Kilian has built a passionate global following with its distinctive emphasis on sensuous olfactory storytelling.

Feminine and playful

Too Faced model

The Company acquires Too Faced - the feminine, pink, playful makeup brand known for innovative formulas, distinctive packaging and the bestselling Better Than Sex mascara.

Too Faced founders

Launched in 1998 by cosmetics visionaries Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson (who started their careers behind the counters of the Estée Lauder brand) Too Faced is a fast-growing makeup brand with a strong millennial following.


A Campaign Milestone

After 25 years, with more than $70 million raised to advance pioneering research, education and medical services, The Breast Cancer Campaign updated its name by removing the word “Awareness,” and renewing its pledge to create a breast cancer-free world.

View 25th Anniversary film clip

The Breast Cancer Campaign’s 25th Anniversary

Video excerpt from the documentary film Unraveling the Pink Ribbon: Creating a Breast Cancer-Free World

Breast Cancer Campaign


High-Performance Skin Care

The company completes its acquisition of Dr. Jart+, a Seoul-based, global skin care company. Best known for its high-quality, on-trend skin care collections such as Cicapair and Ceramidin, the brand is renowned for its outstanding and fast-moving innovation pipeline and rapid speed-to-market capabilities.


Milestone Climate Goals

The company achieved carbon neutrality and sourced 100% renewable electricity globally for all direct operations. Building upon this achievement, the company has also met its goal to set science-based emissions reduction targets for its direct operations and value chain, positioning the company to take even more decisive action against climate change in the coming decade.


A Voice of Change

The Estée Lauder Companies names Amanda Gorman, inaugural poet and activist, as Global Changemaker in the first partnership of its kind for the company. As Global Changemaker, Amanda partners with ELC to create WRITING CHANGE, an initiative to close the literacy gap through access, advocacy, and artistic expression in youth. Gorman will work alongside the company and grantee organizations to promote equality and drive social impact.


A Milestone Anniversary

The Estée Lauder Companies celebrates 75 years of business. Continuing to uphold the legacy of Estée and Joseph Lauder, the company has grown into one of the world’s leaders in prestige beauty. Decades after its inception, the company continues to delight consumers with transformative products and experiences, inspiring them to express their individual beauty.

The Future of Beauty

Building on a rich heritage and diverse portfolio of exceptional brands — The Estée Lauder Companies continues to push the boundaries in prestige beauty.

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