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Pastor's Note for the July 2011 Pastor's Note for the July 2011

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Pastor's Note for the July 2011

Posted on Fri, Jul 1, 2011

Establishment of the Church

“…and on this rock…!” Jesus realized that the start, middle and end-times of the church would require much more than a fair-weather structure. Our mobile-homes may be good enough for fair weather; however, there is a day forecasted for severe weather. Our foundations may seem solid for today but tomorrow’s imminent earthquake will be its ultimate test. Most would point to the three rules of real-estate for the highest value and return on investment as, “…location, location, location.” Building on the hillside may give the best views, but those landslides of life may erase all those spectacular memories. Building in the valley may place us next to the wellsprings of life; however, some day that gently brook will become a destructive river. Building on the ocean’s edge may yield the most soothing sounds from the wind and waves under the backdrop of those superlative sunrises or sunsets. But the storms and terrific tsunamis could make us wonder if the sacrifice or cost was worth it. Finding level ground without catastrophes may seem more fantastic than Santa Claus; however, there is a place we can build and not let the faintest worry of life enter in. The key is to minimize the “where” and elevate the “who”. You see, when Christ builds, you can rest assured, it will not only withstand all torrents of life, but it will also yield the highest level of safety and a blessed assurance.

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