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Pastor's Note for April 2013 Pastor's Note for April 2013

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Pastor's Note for April 2013

Posted on Mon, Apr 1, 2013

Overcoming the Barriers to Faith

“…stop doubting & believe!” (John 20:27)

 As we transition from the subject of fellowship to the topic of faith, the lines may blur across the junction of trust and belief. Where relationships may demand trust, the forerunner to faith is belief. Some may even argue that the weaker the relationship the less motivation one may have to “believe”, and an even less desire to “trust”. Is this yet just another natural facet of our sin nature or is this a cultivated mindset? The greatest teacher of all time and chief expert in relationship building was Jesus Christ of Nazareth. But even He struggled to fully relay His Father’s vision…and so they doubted. When Jesus attempted to have His disciples defy the law of gravity, mass, and buoyancy, Peter couldn’t seem to resist the distraction of the wind and waves…and so he doubted. Then Jesus went home to Nazareth and tried to perform miracles. His attempts seemed to mystify the disciples as their once “flawless” teacher seemed unable to perform up to His usual standards of power and authority over sickness, disease and perhaps even a few demons…and so they doubted. Jesus used Thomas as the poster board for delivering one of His most pronounced messages; “…stop doubting and believe!” This suggests that along this blurred line of relationships and faith we each have access to the antidote of “choice” for spiritual diseases of mistrust and disbelief. When we CHOOSE to trust and obey (for there is truly no other way), we will find the path to overcome our doubts and revel in the joy of faith.

In His Faith, Pastor Ron

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