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Pastor's Note for September 2011 Pastor's Note for September 2011

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Pastor's Note for September 2011

Posted on Thu, Sep 1, 2011

Selfless Service

A Note from Pastor Ron

“The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them … But not so among you… he who is greatest among you, let him who governs as he who serves. (Luke 22: 25-26; excerpt) 

Some may think that only the great ones lead and that leadership is the only route to greatness. Jesus’ disciples thought that the true value of being one of His apostles was the fame and fortune that was certain to follow in an earthly kingdom. After all, Jesus was the true “Rock” star that always seemed to draw large audiences. Being in the “Jesus-entourage” only meant you were destined for greatness befitting the king’s right- and left-hand men. And now that we are talking about the King of kings, the opportunity for greatness just can’t get any better…or so they thought. For them, the only question remained was, who can be the best of the best disciples? With the exception of the King, Who can be the greatest of all? Like the Lord of the Rings’ characters, drawn by the “the ring’s” allure, Jesus’ disciples supposed the ultimate of all prizes was to be “top disciple”. Jesus’ response was slow, poignant, and direct. Get a basin and towel, become a servant and wash some feet … this is selfless service … this is true greatness! 

In judging our progress as individuals, we tend to concentrate on external factors such as one’s social position, influence & popularity, wealth & standard of education…but internal factors may be even more crucial in assessing one’s development as a human being: humility, purity, generosity, absence of vanity, readiness to serve your fellow men…qualities within the reach of every human soul.”  --Nelson’s letter to Winnie Mandela, 1977

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