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Prayer Request: Financial Prayer Request: Financial

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Phil Chavez

Financial (Aug 27, 2013)

Prayer Request:
Please Pray GOD Blesses Me financially so I can help my family get out of debt.Pray GOD Blesses me with money to buy school clothes,buy food,pay college expenses,pay bills,get out of debt,money to help people who need help,extra money for emergencies and money in the future when needed.Pray for no money worries at all starting now and in the future.Pray anyone who reads this Prayer Request GOD Blesses financially In JESUS Name Amen,Thank You"I OWED A DEBT, I COULD NOT PAY... HE PAID A DEBT, HE DID NOT OWE."

   Discussion: Financial
Stan Woodford · 8 years, 2 months ago

God you are the God with the a 1000 cattle on a hill. In other words your resources are limitless. Thanks for providing all our needs as we seek you. I pray that Phil will seek you first and find comfort in your daily supply and rest in your money. In His Name. Amen.

pastor mokua (anon) · 8 years ago
Dear Brethren, Greetings in the high name of Jesus Christ! My names are Pastor Mokua. I am serving a small congregation started one year ago. We are ministering house to house ministry we have not gone far in spiritual and in my hands I am taking care of 15 orphans who's now have problems of food, clothes, shelter and school fees. It is my humbly request to join us for assisting this orphans with any merciful support God can touch your hearts I will be happy to hear your kind response on that.We are inviting you to come here in kenya and share with us. Yours Pastor Mokua 

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